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Nowland, Rick

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I began making knives in 1986, beginning with the stock removal method, and started forging my blades in 1988. It wasn't long before I started forging Damascus in 1989.

I primarily make sole-authorship knives, including hunters, Bowies, and folders. I especially like making folders using Damascus and Mokume, which I also make. For the appropriate knife, I'll use ATS-34. I use only high quality handle materials such as bone, pearl, and ivory.

Perhaps the knives I enjoy making most are multi-blade folders, which I make in time-proven patterns including "Trapper", "Stockman", and "Sowbelly". I also make liner-lock and lock-back style folders.


  • Knifemaker's Guild, voting member
Damascus Dogleg Slipjoint with Mammoth Ivory
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Green Jigged Bone Trapper
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Jigged Bone Two Blade Trapper
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Sleeveboard Slipjoint with Mammoth Ivory
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Slipjoint Trapper with Antique Rag Micarta
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