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About Us

Hiroshi (Jack) Igarashi, Executive Vice President of Kai USA on his visit with BladeGallery Inc staff

The Epicurean Edge is a division of BladeGallery, Inc, founded in 1998 specializing in handmade, one-of-a-kind knives from around the world. was started by Daniel O’Malley, a bladesmith himself.

Over the past few years, BladeGallery Inc has expanded its focus to include unique, high-end cutlery with an emphasis on Japanese work. The response has been tremendous and in many cases, this is the first time that American consumers have encountered knives that are at a level far beyond those commonly found in the United States. With such tools, preparing a meal becomes the goal in and of itself. We hope to help you find the knife that makes the meal.™

The Epicurean Edge has an art gallery atmosphere that offers a unique combination of custom handmade knives and fine cutlery. Many of our chef’s knives feature blades forged using pattern-welded damascus and show exceptional artistry.

The Epicurean Edge offers an exceptionally high-quality sharpening service featuring a waterstone finish and regularly scheduled sharpening classes. Knives may be dropped off at our retail location or may be sent by post (please package to protect the points!).

The Epicurean Edge showroom is at:

The Epicurean Edge
107 Central Way
Kirkland, WA 98033
(425) 889-5980

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