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Buckley, Jordan

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Bladesmith Jordan Buckley at the ForgeJordan Buckley (19 years old as of the spring of 2023) is a young knifemaker located in Maple Valley, Washington. He was first drawn to working with his hands at 14 years old and soon developed a burning passion for the art of knifemaking. Through dedicated practice and a steadfast commitment to excellence, he has refined his abilities to create blades that blend aesthetic appeal with functionality. He takes great pride in using new techniques, continually advancing his skills, and enjoys the fine intricacies of the craft. His pieces are not only a testament to his technical proficiency but also serve as an expression of his unique personality and the various experiences that have shaped him.

Jordan Buckley - creating the final satin finishJordan aspires to attain the coveted ABS Master Smith rating by age of 25, and is pursuing his dream with strong determination. To aid him in his journey, he is taking online classes from renowned master bladesmith, Kyle Royer. Inspired by makers such as Will Stelter and the unique personalities imbued in each piece by David Lisch, Jordan is driven to forge his own path in the world of bladesmithing.

Starting with only the simplest tools, Jordan quickly realized the importance of proper equipment and began saving his birthday money and taking on odd jobs to finance his passion. It was during this time that he discovered his love for welding. This newfound passion resulted in him then earning his AA in welding by the age of 18. With this love for metalworking, Jordan spends most of his free hours in his shop, experimenting with new ideas and honing his craft.

Cu-Mai Hunter with Curly Mango
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Damascus Hunter with Ironwood
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Damascus Paring Knife with Vintage Butterscotch Micarta
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