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Murdock, Maverick

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Maverik Merdock, bladesmithMaverik Murdock is a bladesmith living in outskirts of Bozeman, MT. At 23 years old, he shows tremendous promise! He was an early knife enthusiast, and built his first knife in 2010 (at 15). His passion for the forged blade began in July of 2014. Now, nearly all his knives are hand forged and reflect a connection to the past and traditional bladesmithing.

Never one to be satisfied, Maverik’s goal as a bladesmith is to constantly challenge his abilities with new styles and techniques. Each knife he builds shows this exploration and experimentation.

In addition to his skill at the forge and grinder, Maverik is also a tremendous leather worker and makes all his own sheaths.

Maverik comes from a family where their first thought is often to make it, not buy it. This philosphy has held true throughout his life. He has incorporated this into all his work, from jewelry, to leatherwork, knife boxes, and furniture. His diverse range of skills has led him to make knives, leather tools, razors, and traditional badger bristle brushes.

Maverik’s skill and enthusiasm transfers to every piece he builds.

Blackwood Dagger
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Drop Point Hunter with Mango Wood
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Hand Forged Chopper with Black G10
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Hunter with California Buckeye
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Recurve Fighter with Natural Micarta
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S-Guard Hunter with Micarta
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Upswept Skinner with Tasmanian Blackwood
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