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CAS Knives (The Sobral Brothers)

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CAS Knives is made up of Argentinian brothers Claudio Alejandro Sobral, Ariel Ricardo Sobral, and Marcelo Sobral.
Starting in his youth, Claudio was fascinated by weapons. At 16 years old, he left high school and began working at a firearms factory learning the secrets of the trade: forging, machining, milling, polishing, bluing and other skills required in the shop.

When the firearms factory had closed down and Ariel graduation from high school, the two brothers decided to partner in a small graphics design business. While working in their graphics shop Claudio didn't forget his love for guns and knives: inspired online knife forums and local knife shows, he started making his own knives as a pastime around 2005.

Soon, Claudio became a part time knife maker while Ariel helped with handle making and business management. As their experience grew and their work became well known, they decided to close their graphic business and devote their combined efforts to full time to knife making.

At the beginning, Claudio┬┤s knives were identified by his initials: "CAS". With Ariel joining, they decided to keep "CAS" as it also meant "Claudio & Ariel Sobral" as well as "Cuchilleria Artesanal Sobral" ("Sobral Custom Knives").

Since 2013, their younger brother Marcelo joined them to help with sheath making. Claudio, Ariel and Marcelo find in knifemaking a way of express their creativity, skills, passion and love for a hard work in which they feel happiness and enjoyment.

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